The best Customer Services Portals for your clients' DXP

Why are talking a lot about Digital Experience in today's market? The answer lies in the way clients are getting used to interact with the products and services of companies: through digital touchpoints such as Websites or mobile apps. This means that the kind of digital experience clients expect has to be not only rapid and intuitive, but also simple

How important is Digital Experience for your business? It's fundamental! Extra Red can help digitize your business through the realization of Digital Portals for the entire lifecycle management of your clients, your employees and your processes. We can make all of this with a Digital Experience that is… as simple as possible!

Does Digital Transformation start from Digital Experience?

Customer Service Portale Cube

Improve the internal communication with an internal portal

The advantages of a portal are not limited to the clients' Digital Experience: also employees can take advantage of it. With an Employee Portal/Intranet Portal with shared chat, forum and Knowledge Base you can help your employees communicate more and better, facilitating the exchange of information and prevent document or data losses. Here are some features we can implement in an Employee Portal:

  • Workflow for document approval
  • Single sign-on
  • Voice control
Customer Service Portal Cube

Create a completely digital offer

There's no doubt that the possibility of activating an online offer or service is an advantage: we can develop a customized portal for Customer Onboarding suited for your business with all the functionalities to ensure the maximum security and usability to the client.

Here are some of the functions we can implement on a Customer Onboarding portal:

  • Biometric signature 
  • Accessibility from any device at any time
  • Integrated management of all the client-side processes on a single interface
Customer Service Portal Cube
Customer Service Portal Cube

Offer your clients a 24/7 support and assistance

With a customer service portal you will be able to considerably increase the quality of your client support processes. We realize for you a customized portal able to:

  • Offer a Knowledge Base to allow users to find the information they need autonomously
  • Offer 24/7 assistance thanks to a chatbot 
  • Allow to execute a series of actions in self-service mode such as payments or document submission on any device with a Mobile App
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