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3 Hollywood Plots To Help Us Learn Enterprise Integration Patterns

Alessandro Rontani,

It may not be the first comparison that comes to mind, but in fact, the world of film and TV series isn't too different from the world of system integration. To convince you, let's take some Hollywood scenes and compare them with enterprise integration patterns (EIP) to better understand how they work and what you can do with them.

Since the days of the original Star Wars, Hollywood has realized that having a consistent world and background story that goes deeper beyond what is shown in the film can contribute greatly to its success.

For example, what was most striking in the character of Luke Skywalker was not so much his character nor the actor who played him, but the fact that he was a Jedi apprentice, a futuristic warrior monk who's the heir of an ancient order that participated in the "Clone Wars". Nothing was said about the war except only for vague references. But just mentioning it gave the viewer the feeling of being in the midst of "something bigger".


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