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4 Advantages of System Integration Through Open Source Platforms

Alessandro Rontani,

There was a time perhaps when your office might have been one of the most innovative of its time - having the best IT system that made your business processes computerized, automated and efficient. These certainly gave you an edge over your competitors. However, nothing is forever - especially in the world of technology. 


Tips for implementing application integration

Rob Carrillo,

We are at a golden age for business applications. New business softwares and IT solutions have been popping up at an increasing rate in an effort to outdo other solutions that are available on the market. The result is that businesses  have multiple applications or softwares that do not cooperate with each other.This has led to another solution - application integration, which bring many advantages.  However, as Extra's manager for Integration, Stefano Marfella explains, it is not always easy. After recounting his experience, he shares some tips for implementing application integration.


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