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Extra Smart - The company

Our Business Intelligence expertise at your disposal

As Extra Smart, we can assist you throughout the Business Intelligence (BI) process, providing you with a strong support for your decisions.

These decisions can involve everything from the most classic, such as sales and inventory analysis, to the most particular and specific in every single business, such as the analysis of confinements within a hospital.

Who we are targeting: we can meet the demands of all small and medium-sized customers who need support in data management and analysis to better understand their business. 


We focus particularly on companies that have to constantly deal with managing large amounts of data.

We do not want to limit ourselves to one particular technology

We have a wide range of tools at our disposal that allow us to solve diverse challenges:

  • Business Intelligence: Pentaho Business Analytics, Qlik, ODI Oracle Data Integration, Talend, Sap Business Object, IBM Data Stage, SAS Business Intelligence, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) , SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, Oracle Business Intelligence, Jedox.
  • Big Data: MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, OrientDB, Neo4j, GraphBase, YARN, TEZ, PIG, SPARK, Hadoop, Ambari, Hortonworks, Cloudera, Hive, Hbase, Lucene, Solr, Elasticsearch.
  • Data Science: Sas, Spss, Clementine, Weka, Knime.

Our vision


We aim to be EMEA's leading supplier of Business Intelligence expertise.

Big Data Management and Business Analytics play an increasingly important role in today's businesses. We want to be able to better respond to the growing needs of businesses, and we are going to continue this journey based on these three pillars:

1) continuous research of the most innovative technologies, focusing on Open Source solutions, 2) collaborations with universities and research institutions and 3) hiring the right people. We want to increase our knowledge by using resources from different competencies: not just within computer science and mathematics, but also economics, statistics, physics and even foreign languages.

Only through this can we increase our offering and support our Italian and European customers through technologies and skills hat are specific to each context - strength through a 360° view of the business.


Business Analytics

By creating reports and dashboards out of your company data, you can make better business decisions.


Big Data

We collect and handle large amounts of data to make the situation as clear as possible.


Data Science

With the help of Data Mining and Text Mining, you can understand trends and markets, thus allowing you to adapt your strategies.

Meet a few of our team members

  • Federica Marulli

    Working in Extra Smart allowed me to become part of a professional network that I can interact, learn and grow with professionally in a pleasant and informal environment. I learned how to work in a team, sharing ideas and solutions, managing time, keeping deadlines, and dealing with the customer. Every day is an opportunity to get in touch and approach new and exciting challenges!

    Federica Marulli, BI / DWH Specialist, Extra Smart

  • Gianluca Parlangeli

    Having been with Extra since the beginning of my career, I can safely say that this company considers its employees the greatest resources to invest in. I started as a DWH / BI junior developer and after a few years I successfully managed taking on roles with different responsibilities. In Extra Smart I'm sure the career I'm waiting for will have great potential!

    Gianluca Parlangeli, Delivery Manager, Extra Smart

  • Giuseppe Costa

    I learned about Extra Smart after having two contrasting work experiences: an Italian SME and a big foreign multinational. Fresh of these two experiences, I was able to appreciate how Extra unites the strengths of both: the relaxed and informal working environment, strong customer satisfaction focus that characterizes smaller organizations and strong professional skills, foreign experience, diverse team of specialists, and a rigorous organization of business processes that can be found in larger organizations.

    Giuseppe Costa, Project Manager and Software Architect, Extra Smart

Does Business Intelligence fascinate you? Do you like computer science and data analysis? Would you like to work in a dynamic and stimulating environment? Find out if you are the ideal candidate for Extra Smart!

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