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Pentaho Business Analytics from Extra Smart


Business Intelligence (BI) allows your company to look in the past to understand and monitor your business, and analyze and predict the future.

Drawing strength based on Java Enterprise Technology, Pentaho has become the leader in Open Source Business Intelligence and is responsible for over 10,000 installations in more than 180 different countries.

Pentaho's modern, simplified and interactive approach lets you discover and merge data of any size and type. With an ever-growing spectrum of analysis, from basic reports to predictive modeling, you can analyze and view data in multiple dimensions which minimizes IT dependence.

Pentaho follows you along the Business Intelligence process


from information gathering to reporting and data analysis with ETL tools and data visualization. You can access all solutions (cubes, dashboards, reports) directly using the web.

The Administration Console allows you to define and manage users and roles, as well as associate their access rights to the analysis. You can also produce reports for specific roles at specific times or when triggered by specific events.

Get unparalleled competitive advantage from Pentaho Business Analytics

To be able to look back and monitor your progress towards your goals, specific and accurate tools are needed. You also need to be prepared to act on the situations that arise.

Below are some of the benefits offered by Pentaho Business Analytics that can help you achieve this:

  • Real-time view of the whole organization's performance within a single interface
  • Detailed understanding of what makes up its reported Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Reports are accessible and can be upgraded in just a few clicks
  • Predictive analysis can provide valuable insights on future trends
  • Make decisions based on up-to-date and accessible information in real time
  • Accessibility from any device and anywhere. Only thing you need is a browser and an internet connection.

Business Analytics

Possibility to analyze, view, explore, create reports and make predictions with accuracy and ease.




Big Data

Data Lake solutions can be used to extract value from Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, Graph DB and other Big Data sources.




Merging data from IoT and IT systems and development of analysis to reduce time-to-market.



Data Integration

Integration of data from multiple sources, from social data to IT, diverse file formats and even management systems.




Flexible and scalable infrastructure at an affordable cost without having to invest in hardware.



Data Visualization

Presentation of data through an integrated drag and drop interface with libraries that are full of display models.


Robust technologies, in line with the latest trends, gathered in a single solution

Pentaho Open Source Business Intelligence from Extra Smart


In a changing world, it is not only important to achieve your goals, but also be able to control how and when we reach them.

Pentaho Business Analytics uses the best technologies to provide a robust solution with a stunning user interface.

The suite represents a 100% Java platform, easily integrated with any web-based, modular application. 

The different components of the suite are based on Open Source tools as well:

  • Pentaho Data Integration: a tool developed from the Kettle engine for defining ETL processes that can extract from different data sources and integrate and homogenize information
  • Pentaho Workbench Schema: a tool that allows you to model OLAP cubes from the Mondrian engine
  • Pentaho Analyzer: allows you to conduct interactive analysis in a drill-down mode
  • Pentaho Dashboard: framework for building navigable pages containing interactive graphics
  • Pentaho Report Designer: a client using the JFreeReport component to create meticulous and accurate reports
  • Pentaho Data Mining: weka-based module containing analytics tools to support business intelligence

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