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QlikView Business Intelligence software from Extra Vision


QlikView is the most flexible Business Intelligence software for transforming data into knowledge. Its simplicity and speed have convinced more than 24,000 organizations around the world to use it.

By requiring only a few minutes to learn, the platform's automatic associations create the ability to make endless queries on the company's own data, without the need to refer to defined structures and hierarchies, as in other data analysis tools.

The platform provides unlimited application data analysis, helping users make quick and accurate decisions.

Good ideas and strategies are nothing without knowledge. That’s why data analysis is becoming the key prerequisite for success

Data is becoming more and more important in managing a business successfully.

The platform allows data analysis straight from the source, transforming raw data into easily readable structured data, and eliminating ETL processing and preparation.

With the software, you can:

  • Operate freely without knowledge of specific programming languages;
  • Gain competitive advantage by working directly on rough and denormalized data;
  • Support analysts with suggestions on possible correlations between the variables analyzed;
  • Conduct interactive data analysis;
  • Quickly generate interdependent dashboard data;
  • Turn dashboard to reports in just a few clicks.


Operating directly on the data allows for a remarkable speed of execution and processing.



ETL and MULAP cube (Multidimensional OLAP) are done automatically by the upload script.


Data Visualization

Diverse data viewpoints presented through simple and clean dashboards.



Quick and relevant results for each phrase or keyword typed into the internal search engine.



Unique Production

The platform covers the entire Business Intelligence process allowing you to reap all the benefits from just using one product.



Secure Administration

Definition and management of users, roles and access rights to the Qlik Server analysis.


Ideal technologies to make your business better

Take a closer look at QlikView


There are many tools available for your Business Intelligence, but none offer the benefits of this software.

The technologies employed by this powerful yet lightweight software allows a quick and easy analysis of the data in their possession, which are highlighted in interactive dashboards that are easy to read and use.


Here are some of QlikView’s features:

  • It's a web-based, local system, so you can work on remote servers and download everything you need to access it
  • It has a simpy scripting language, which allows you to work in the software without the need to be particularly vulnerable to languages such as Java or C++;
  • It's rich in Qlik's extensions and tools (DataMarket, Analytics Platform, NPrinting etc.), capable of integrating and verticalizing any further processes.

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