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Analyze business strategy in 10 minutes with Pentaho

Giuseppe Costa,

Pentaho Business Analytics | Your competitive advantage

It's the details that make the difference... Or so we hear in many situations. But even then, not everyone has the same love for details as your forensic specialist, or more commonly, internet's occasional grammar nazi.

The world around us changes at a dizzying pace. It has become increasingly difficult to notice changes that have already occurred, to say nothing of those that are occur as they happen. Nonetheless, the goal still remains the same: beat the competition as soon as we take off from the starting line. To be able to gain an advantage before anyone else can make you unbeatable. Therefore, having tools that allow you to analyze events quickly can make the difference between a successful business and a b-list one.

However, it isn't enough to have tools that allow you to interpret data as they occur. These tools must be simple, agile and still easily understandable even for non-technical users. It's important to simplify access to information even from very complex data sources. Aside from this, they must be available at all times: in the office, at home, on the move. This gives you the opportunity to make decisions quickly and effectively. (Here's a shortcut to the good stuff. Download our free ebook Pentaho from A-Z for more in-depth information!)

Details Under a Microscope

Pentaho provides a wide range of tools to create value out of your available data. How? First, Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) allows users to connect to any data source such as CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, relational databases, non-relational databases, Hadoop, web services, Rest API (widely used by social networks) and much more.

From these, they can extract useful information. All you have to do it select the ones that really matter and the tool will display data immediately. Easy isn't it? Normally, when dealing with very large databases which have server log files, you'll need the technical eye of a developer. But with Pentaho, you'll have a "Zero Coding" tool that allows everyone to access, transform and distribute data without specific technical skills.

Once you design the analytical database, generate an interpretation model and publish them on the BI platform, your data is ready to be used by people looking for new revenue insights. The Pentaho Business Intelligence platform incorporates a highly configurable and flexible engine.

The report designer has an interfact that's user-friendly. The data can be analyzed and represented in diverse ways. To further support users, there's also the ability to view data through interactive dashboards which an be customized depending on your needs. Among the components available are pie charts, bar charts, heat grids, box plots, maps and many others.

Pentaho Business Analytics


The platform is entirely web-based. Each dashboard, reporting and analysis tool, has its own URL making it easily embeddable and integrated into any website.

Pentaho is also supported by an active community of users and developers. These users share their problems and needs in forums and blogs and support each other by providing immediate answers and solutions. However, if the problem is linked to an error in the platform, developers can quickly fix the bug, or take the opportunity to change to support the new user needs.

In the fight against time to build a winning strategy, Pentaho may prove to be a valuable ally. The tool can help you gain a strategic competitive advantage by being able to analyze data on-demand and keep track of all the details. After all, the devil is in the details.

Want to take a closer look? Download our free ebook, Pentaho from A-Z!

Pentaho from A-Z: Download now!

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