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Business Intelligence Tools Comparison: Pentaho, QlikView and SAP

Giuseppe Costa,

pentaho vs qlikview vs sap business objects

In the world of Business Intelligence (BI), more and more tools are emerging to simplify the work needed to extract information from large amounts of data. Among these, three tools stand out - Pentaho, QlikView and SAP Business Objects.

Data analysis and data discovery

To be able to compare each of these BI tools from one another, we can assess each one based on two main areas - one is the how well the tool processes and prepares data (data analysis) and the other is how well a tool "discovers" data (data discovery).

Data Analysis or data processing and preparation (Extract-Transform-Load or ETL) is designed to reduce the resources required to analyze data. With the increasing computing power and the emergence of cloud platforms that now reach unthinkable levels of scalability, it's becoming another trend to analyze the data from the source itself. A proper BI tool should analyze information immediately, as they are generated. With this achieved, we can look for common patterns in normalized data in real time.

Meanwhile, in Data Discovery, the tool should propose to simplify the process of analysis of the data by eliminating the part of the design and data transformation.

Data analysis | data discovery | Pentaho vs Qlikview vs SAP Business

Let's compare Pentaho with two of the most popular business intelligence tools, SAP Business Objects and QlikView, based on the two areas mentioned earlier.

QlikView is best suited for you if you want superior functionality when it comes to the exploration of data sets where the structure is unknown. It's also does well in detecting patterns and correlations to be used later for in-depth analysis.

On the other hand, Pentaho and SAP Business Objects have an advantage when it comes to monitoring and presenting data that have already been previously analyzed and prepared.

To further elaborate on the Open Source Business Intelligence software Pentaho, the Pentaho Community Edition is particularly suitable for  small businesses wishing to approach the world of BI without incurring excessive expenditure while the Pentaho Enterprise Edition and SAP Business Objects are more suitable for medium and large businesses able to support an annual expenditure for advanced features and integration with daily business applications.


As we've mentioned previously, this is only a brief summary of a more detailed free guide which you can download below.

In our comparison report: Pentaho vs. QlikView vs. SAP Business Objects, you'll see a point-by-point explanation of how these tools compare with one another. Download now!


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