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Data Visualization: Secret of Getting Business Reports in Seconds

Davide Avella,
Data Visualization | Business IntelligenceResources are always limited, especially time. Saving time and costs through hours or days is important to any organization.
Organizations rely on traditional reporting from spreadsheets, different platforms, tables, and PowerPoint presentations. These are the tools that you will find in an inefficient and cumbersome reporting system.

At one point, you wished you could make things easier - complete tasks in a matter of a few seconds. That is if you haven't resigned yourself to thinking that there is no other way. Wouldn't it be nice to have a system that can give you an overview of your entire business in ten seconds? Some would say it's a dream. Now, this is possible through Data Visualization feature of business intelligence (BI) platforms.
In fact, data visualization goes further and allows you to track, the status of your business in real time. Some platforms allow you to have interactive dashboards. These can help you track your achievement of several key performance indicators (KPIs). Anyone who wants to make faster decisions will find on-demand reports very useful.  (To get an overview of vital KPIs to track in the retail industry, check out our Business Intelligence in Retail guide!)
Imagine all important data in front of you in real-time in one page and updating itself as things happen. Is a marketing campaign not reaching its targets? You can decide on whether to make adjustments, increase investments or abandon ship.

Giga, tera, peta bytes of data? It's becoming hard to imagine how much data we produce

Lots of data can be valuable. But only if you know how to store and analyze data, and have them always at hand. But more than that, It's important to understand its meaning. A BI platform should make data understandable and accessible using various visualization tools.

Data Visualization assembly line

And users of business intelligence are able to enjoy this using the "dashboard". It gives the most updated information on how an organization runs. And how much time does it take? Faster than you think! Dashboards can provide a good overview of your business in ten seconds.
The dashboard is customize-able based on your design preferences. It's also a useful coordination tool for your team. They can coordinate everybody towards your company goals and their own.image_2.jpg

As great as the dashboard is, it isn't the only way to display data. You can produce up-to-date on-demand reports through your BI platform. These are always available, viewable and usable. Using "drag and drop", you can create and edit your own on-demand reports.

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization: Making Big Data More Valuable

Many companies today have access to large amounts of data. Yours could be one of them. No matter how much you produce, monitoring data is a must. This is the challenge of Big Data. Imagine you're running a nuclear energy facility. Thousands of sensors track data making it difficult for humans to identify problems. At any time, one of these sensors could signal danger. In situations like this, data visualization can be a big help.
BI platforms can show indicators that meet or exceed specific criteria. Combining this way of monitoring and predictive analytics allows risk forecasting. that may reach critical levels based on its historical trends.
Business intelligence's data visualization feature isn't only about getting your reports faster. It allows you to make better decisions and analysis by identifying hidden links in your data. And with reports only taking 10 seconds of your day, you made time just a little less scarce. 
All this is just a small part of a greater whole. BI can do so much more for you. To get a more complete view, download our free Business Intelligence in Retail Guide now!
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