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Managing data from multiple sources made simpler with Pentaho

Giuseppe Costa,

Pentaho | Aggregare dati

Every day huge amounts of data are produced from from a number of different sources such as databases, web services, sensors, smartphones and other devices which makes managing data from multiple sources a rising challenge for today's businesses.

With the advent of the "internet of things" (IoT), any device is now able to produce information that can be consumed by any other system as long as that system is able to access, interpret, transform and make it accessible for various reasons such as to provide services, perform analysis or simply keep them for storage. (Get more in-depth information on Pentaho. Download your free ebook: Pentaho from A-Z!) 

The Need

It is immediately clear how strategically sound it is to have a unique open source business intelligence tool that can easily connect to any data source, process the continuous streams of data, raise its capacity when necessary and to absorb and adapt to peak data production as well as to simply react to the natural growth of information produced. 

It's not always easy to choose the right tool. Often, the tools with the right capabilities have high costs or are too complex to use. Less expensive tools are likely to have limitations or inefficient support in case of malfunctions.

Aggregare Dati | Pentaho Business Analytics è la risposta

The Solution

The Pentaho Business Analytics Suite is more than capable enough to cover the needs mentioned above and also allows you to have a cost efficient solution through its Community version.

  • Can access different data sources with the scalbility required by "Big Data";
  • The types of  compatible sources are constantly being increased due to the contribution of the Open Source Community that's always in tune with the latest technologies;
  • The "Zero Coding" interface to connect with data sources makes Pentaho tools suitable even for non-technical users;
  • Community version available at no cost with the option to switch to the Enterprise edition with official technical support from Hitachi Group, which Pentaho recently became a part of.

Power, ease of use, continuous updating and Enterprise Support availability makes Pentaho the ideal solution to answer the Big Data challenge in the coming years.

To learn more, download our ebook now for free: Pentaho from A-Z

Pentaho from A-Z: Download now!

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