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On Your Customers' Tracks: Retail In-Store Tracking

Davide Avella,

Wayne Enterprises has always been involved with cutting edge technology. Even more, it allows them to be unconventional; just think of the Batmobile. It's a hybrid between a car and a tank. And then, there's also the other gadgets Batman uses in his missions.

The Batmobile is just one of the many weapons available to the Dark Knight to fight the bad guys across Gotham City. And just as the film came out in 2008, GPS also started to gain popularity and came in service of justice.

While the Joker was out playing his sadistic games, Batman tracks him through the cell phones of various people to build a dense network of links on the map. Basically, he was able to monitor any suspicious activity happening in Gotham City.

The fact that smartphones are powerful monitoring tools is clear to everyone. What may be unclear is that the ability to monitor a person's comings and goings can be a very interesting source of information not only for Batman and (or villains) but also for retail managers.


Minimize Damaged Goods by Adopting Business Intelligence in the Supply Chain

Davide Avella,

Throughout the United States, even in Springfield, it's impossible not to spot at least one convenience store. In the city of the Simpsons, it's called "Jet Market" and it's managed by Apu Nahasapeemapetilon. He's the unfortunate and frequent victim of regular robberies by some of the worst characters of the famous animated series.

Among the many problems that Apu's business is experiencing, there's one that happens more frequently than others. Stacked on his shelves are dozens and dozens of expired products. To "solve" the problem he either corrects the date to extend its life by a few more days or he puts them under special offers. The ultimate goal is to trick the most gullible, such Homer Simpson, into buying them.

However, the strategy does not bring great benefits. Homer is not the only inhabitant of Springfield after all, and as expected the shop lands in hot water.


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