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How Much Does Open Source Business Intelligence Cost?

Giuseppe Costa,

The world of business intelligence (BI) and more generally Data Analytics is very diverse and involves many players. However, we can classify them as such:

  • Free/open source tools such as QlikView personal version, Microsoft Power BI, Pentaho, SpagoBI etc.
  • Proprietary or paid tools such as SAP BusinessObjects, Tableau, SAS, Microstrategy BI etc.

Regarding the first point, let's quickly clarify to avoid misunderstandings, free ≠ open source. 


Error Handling Tips in Business Intelligence

Giuseppe Costa,

When creating a Business Intelligence system, it's common to retrieve data from many sources, during the extract, transform, load (ETL) process. Often, the data is duplicated in each source and we need to recognize the records representing the same entity. Let's take a closer look at some error handling tips in Business Intelligence.


Pros and Cons: Open Source Business Intelligence

Giuseppe Costa,

Open source software solutions are often confused as alternatives to commercial solutions, with the benefit of being “zero cost”.

But this “zero cost” software is only true for Community versions and not the Enterprise versions. Community versions are free and supported by their community of developers while Enterprise versions are available through the payment of an annual subscription and have the same functional coverage of commercial solutions with excellent quality of their functions. In truth, the only components that are free of cost are the tools and/or their source code.

Despite Community version being technically “free”, there are still some costs associated with it:


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