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Read Through The Lines In Reviews With Sentiment Analysis

Davide Avella,

Did you know that out of the five senses at our disposal, hearing is the only one which can switch on and off at will? We can't choose not to see or not to taste, but we are perfectly unable to listen. Or rather, we can hear without necessarily listening. And this is where we draw our conclusion: if hearing indicates a passive process, listening requires attention and cognitive effort.

The effort involved in listening to their customers is one of the things that distinguish successful businesses from those that aren't. In a world where line between online and offline are blurred, the retail sector also finds new spaces and channels to reach consumers and develop new ways to shop: e-commerce portals, social media and more.


Technologies Used For Data Mining: Sentiment Analysis

Davide Avella,

There are so many searches on Google, and they are quite diverse. Recently, the list of the popular queries made on the popular search engine was published and the results were really quite surprising.

You can try guessing what could be on the top ten but most likely, the results will be far from your expectation. Questions like "What are the official languages of the Netherlands?" probably won't be within the top 100.


Using Sentiment Analysis in Retail Improve Product Perception

Davide Avella,

It's staggering: 450,000 tweets, 3.5 million Google searches, 16 million text messages, 150 million emails - this is just a small part of what happens every 60 seconds on the Internet.

Despite these huge numbers, they're just a small portion of all the words that flood the net! Text, in general, has always played an essential role in communication. Now that customer interaction has shifted from the shop counter to the virtual shelves of e-commerce sites, the explosion of text data translates into several opportunities for retail as well as new challenges for analysts and communication experts.


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