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How Can You Use Business Intelligence For Retail?

Davide Avella,

"It only took a few years for Big Data from being confined solely to business strategies. Now, it affects everyone's lives, transforming every process! The world of traditional retailing has given way to a new way of selling that has devoured and reworked all the previous models. A Business Intelligence strategy in retail is no longer an innovative choice, but a real need for those who want to market themselves. "

Believe it or not, this excerpt has been taken entirely from an article that will be published in the future, guaranteed, by 2020. The past of a future blog is our present. This will happen for sure; to some, earlier than others, but only for those who can ride the wave of the new and inevitable revolution.


What is Business Intelligence?

Dario Di Pietrantonio. Advertising director,

The use of business intelligence (BI) tools has been gradually increasing in the past few years brought about by the rise of big data and developments in analytics and cloud technology. 

Even the average social media user has come across analytics tools one way or another. Users of LinkedIn are shown segmention of their profile visitors and in Facebook (if you are a page administrator), you can see the popularity of your page's posts and the engagement. This brings data analysis to the masses.


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