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Tips Before Choosing A Pentaho Solution Provider

Giuseppe Costa,

Scegli il tuo fornitore di soluzioni Business Intelligence | Pentaho Business Analytics

Today, Business Intelligence (BI) should be considered a fundamental component of the IT infrastructure of all companies, starting from large multinationals to small businesses. Being able to analyze the economics and production data of your company is essential to identify any critical issues, improve performance and plan investments to grasp future opportunities.

Factors In Choosing a Business Intelligence Solution Provider

Any BI project requires very complex skills, which are not always available inside the companies’ IT teams. It becomes essential in this case to rely on the right BI solution provider. The choice should be based primarily on the following aspects:

  • Experience: the provider must have proven experience in implementing complex BI solutions for their maintenance and evolution. In this way, they will be able to properly suggest the right approach based on the complexity of the problem, the type of data to be analyzed, the specific reporting needs, KPI visualization and interactive analysis;
  • Knowledge: suppliers must have a deep knowledge of the design techniques, modeling and specific analysis of BI, as well as the proposed platform, which they must be able to install, maintain and manage. They must also know the strengths and limitations of alternative platforms, to be able to justify the choice amongst the various possible solutions;
  • Project management: The BI provider must be able to coordinate the project in an autonomous way, leaving the company the sole task of focusing on the definition of their needs and make sure that the proposed solution is suited to their information needs and analysis;
  • Training: they must be able to train staff to use the implemented solution, allowing them to use it actively in the work of every day. Active users determine the success of the project with expansion to new areas of analysis etc. Less active users will cause that the project loses value and importance.

In a previous article, we showed a comparative analysis of the most widespread BI solutions, identifying Pentaho as the best integrated solution in the Open Source Business Intelligence market. Pentaho Business Analytics perfectly satisfies companies that want to create new BI projects, providing a platform that integrates within itself all the necessary tools for the complete development of a BI project.

Business Intelligence

How To Find Your Pentaho Provider

What should we take into account when choosing a Pentaho solution provider?

The Pentaho Partners and Pentaho Certified Professionals:

Pentaho Partner Network (http://www.pentaho.com/partners) - in this page you can find of the closest Pentaho Certified Partners for your region, whose contact references are provided and enriched with a general description and a brief history of the company;

Pentaho certified professionals - specialists in delivering BI solutions, of which it is certified the in-depth knowledge of general and cross-cutting issues at various platforms and specific topics of the Pentaho suite of tools: managing data sources, diagrams modeling, reporting, data transformation, and the installation, maintenance and management of the Pentaho suite.

Pentaho Partner | Extra fornitore di soluzioni Business Intelligence

Extra as a BI Solution Provider

Extra is listed as an official Pentaho partner in Italy. However, its operations don't only limit to Italy but also in UK with its own office in London, offering customers the possibility of a constant support and direct contact in these two countries.  Extra also operates globally and is able to provide advice and assistance for the implementation of BI solutions worldwide.

Want to experience the solution and Meet the people behind the product firsthand? Then come meet us in your free Pentaho demo!

Free Demo of Pentaho

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