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Customer Digital Identity

Tagmate is a platform that allows you to acquire customer data in real time to be used by your business applications and for Business Intelligence.


Gather offline data to create customer digital identity

Track Customer Interactions in Store Automatically

Many customers complain that while they are recognized on e-commerce shops and are given personalized offers, they are neglected in physical stores! Why retailers fail is because many aren't able to gather offline store behaviour data from customers.


Tagmate was designed to collect this offline data and synchronize it with the those coming from their website and e-commerce stores. This allows businesses to create a unified customer digital identity that will allow them to design personalized shopping experiences. 

Tagmate Engine

Tagmate, as the name suggests, uses existing tag-based technologies such as those in NFC chips, contact-less credit cards and smartphones to recognize customers through tag readers. These data are then transferred to the Tagmate Engine which includes:

  • Data Integration: Translates data into a recognizable language that can be used by business software
  • Business Rules Management: Allows the addition of "rules" used to manipulate or segment the data
  • Connector: Enables businesses to connect Tagmate to diverse business software
  • Business Intelligence reporting: Allows businesses to deeply analyze customer behavior data

Use Cases


Restaurant Table Locator

Customers can access the self-service screen by touching their personalized tag to it. They place their food order, find a table to accomodate themselves, touch the tag to the tag reader on the table and their order will arrive from the kitchen within a few minutes.
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Retail Store Treasure Hunts

Customers touch their tag to the store's kiosk welcome screen to be greeted with personalized offers. They can do the same with lables on the shelves and the entrance of the fitting room, gather tagging points and uncover personalized discount offers.
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Premium Club Exclusive Access

Clubs can adopt a multi-tiered membership where exclusive members can get tags that allow access to the exclusive clubs, casinos and various sections of the facility. Members will be recognized, greeted and receive perks reserved only for them.

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Possibilities are endless

Gather offline data to create customer digital identityUsing tags and sensors, you can track customers' movements within stores, preferred products, specific preferences, etc.. When they return to your stores, all their preferences and previous interactions can be reviewed which can be used to provide personalized customer service.

With both online and offline customers preferences and interactions available to you, you can have a better understanding of your customers and support your business decision-making process.


Co-branding tags opens a world of opportunities where one tag could be used by multiple business partners while also enriching the customer's digital identity.

Using Tagmate's Gamification feature, you can create contests that include both real actions (to be carried out in the store) and virtual ones (to be carried out in online platforms).

With an accompanying mobile app with AR capabilities, Tagmate can help provide information on your products and services while delivering them in a highly-engaging way.

What will the customers gain?

The whole idea is to offer a hyper-personalized shopping experience. Tags and gamification make shopping fun, exciting and the collected data helps customer get what they need, at a price they could afford, and when they most probably need it. 

  • Customers are more satisfied as they are cared for 
  • Shopping becomes faster, neater and more convenient using technology
  • Premium members feel the exclusivity of the additional services they have access to 

Features and Functionalities


NFC Technology

The small size of NFC chips means it can be placed inside various wearables such as bracelets, rings, cell phones credit cards etc. This small tag contains the digital ID of the user and is the key to how Tagmate works. 



Centralized User Data

NFC tags carry user credentials. With a single touch, you can activate data collection for the specific user. The tag technology can be enhanced by including other types of sensors, such as light detectors, proximity sensors, etc. 




The Tagmate Engine comes with an integration layer (Middleware) that transfers data to external systems such as ERPs, CRMs, marketing automation software, etc. for further processing of the data.




Customers can collect points in the store or across your partner network to unlock rewards, get more discounts or even enter premium programs. In-store and online contests like treasure hunts mutually benefits the customers and the businesses alike.


Augmented Reality

Shopping can become more fun with Augmented Reality (AR) smartphone apps to visualize products. They can dress up in clothes virtually, add virtual furniture at home, see technical specs of the products, etc. all while enriching customer preferences data.

Analyze and Report

Analysis on the raw data can be carried out based on applied business logic to prepare the data for static and live reporting such as product demand, branch/geographic area sales performance, preferred areas in your facility or customer response to marketing materials etc.

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