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Once upon a time there was Tagmate ... 

Tagmate Customer Digital Identity

It all started from an idea

Tagmate is an innovative startup born out of combining existing system integration, business analytics and NFC technologies to produce a software system that will close the loop between online and offline sales for businesses that have high customer turnovers. 

Tagmate relies on Extra Group as its main technological partner, and feeds on their experiences as an IT system integrator with extensive presence in the Italian and international market. 

Tagmate has already proven itself through testing and development via POC projects from several of the top retailers in Italy. Through this, Tagmate was developed and found place in the market through three main use cases. 

Tagmate Engine's core can evolves to accommodate the diverse technologies and growing needs of its customers.

Thus, with its many applications across various industries comes opportunities for future development. Tagmate welcomes investments to further enrich and improve the product. 

Tagmate's key focus areas

In Tagmate we focus on the following technological areas to provide a complete customer digital identity:

  • Wearables, including the chips, incorporated with Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology
  • System integration and development of connectors to help link Tagmate's engine to other business software
  • Business Intelligence to gather and analyze customer data collected via NFC readers.
  • Augmented Reality and mobile applications that improve Tagmate users' customer experience

Closing gaps with 360° customer digital identity

Customer Digital Identity through the Internet of Things (IoT)
Tagmate's vision is to provide the necessary tools and technologies through simple and smart IoT (Internet-of-Things) devices to help revitalize the offline shopping experience and help businesses make the shopping fun, easy, quick and super-personalized.

NFC and IoT

NFC and IoT devices are given to customers to record and reconcile their offline purchasing behaviour and customer data with the digital customer identity that's normally only collected by e-commerce or digital marketing platforms.


System integration tools are used to make NFC and IoT devices "talk" to business software that would normally not recognize inputs via NFC and IoT. Customer data across platforms like Business Intelligence, ERP and CRM are then synchronized.

Closing gaps

With offline customer data gathered through NFC and IoT devices and their online data from your e-commerce channels synchronized and linked to the same person, you have a more complete view of you customer's habits.

The face of our operations

  • Leonardo Paolino

    "There's no understating the fact that the customer is at the heart of retail. In the past few years, the drive has been towards hyper-personalization in the mass market; this was a paradox. But now, with Tagmate, this is a reality."

    Leonardo Paolino

    Tagmate CEO

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