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Transparent Administration on Open Source Business Intelligence: Municipality of Padova

Customer Success Story

The Challenge

The increasing demand on transparency in Public Administration which was legalized by the legislative Decree. 33/2013, has imposed the necessity of producing and communicating information to the public. 

Additionally, the request for additional information (Resolution no. 26/2013) by AVCP (Supervisory Authority on Public Contracts), followed by ANAC (National Anti-Corruption Authority), demands proper communication to the authorities for assessment of the processes.

The Motivations

Above mentioned, was interpreted as an opportunity by the Municipality of Padova who decided to modernize their internal data analysis tools with:

  • Enabling processes to avoid manual intervention and extrapolation of information
  • Making the process of publishing on the website automatic
  • Populating a data warehouse with required information to be checked for internal analysis

Municipality of Padova

Comune di Padova

About Municipality of Padova

The city of Padova is the the third in the region of Veneto and fourteenth nationwide regarding the population. 

The city is rich of culture and history and is an important logistics hub, while being an important industrial areas in Europe.

The municipality of Padova has played an important role for many years among the Italian municipalities with regard to the renewal process within the Public Administration, through the implementation of innovative projects that allow to approach and improve the relationship between citizens and the public institutions.

The Solution

The municipality of Padova decided to use Open Source solutions, as well as many other governmental entities, so as to ensure the quality, ease of use, cusomizability and lower costs of deployment and management.

The solutions included:

  • Pentaho Business Analytics  as the Open Source Business Intelligence tool to collect, manage and export information for both internal and external use. 

    Pentaho cover the full BI process by integrating different instruments for ETL (extract, transform, load) , reporting and dashboards for interactive analysis, creation of data warehouses, and for Data Mining. 

  • PostgreSQL, which is a reliable advanced Open Source RDBMS technology for managing Databases.

Project Description


The project encompass design and implementation of a Data Warehouse, a series of procedures for data collection from different sources,  and a solution for query analysis. 

In details:

  • Design and development of ETL procedures of reporting and multidimensional OLAP Cube (Transparent Administration) to meet the need of the law D.lgs.33/2013. 
  • Design and development of ETL procedures of reporting and multidimensional OLAP Cube (TENDERS) to fulfill the obligations under Resolution no. 26/2013.
  • Implementation of a Business Intelligence solution for queries and analysis on domestic aggregated data towards the entity.

Data Warehouse Comune Padova.png

The Results:

A portion of the final result of this project is visible on the website of the Municipality of Padova, that are some reports published on the web, queried by the public through which you can download the pdf file of the original act. Reports include:

  • Measures of Managers: see link
  • Acts of Concession: see link
  • Call for Tenders and Contracts: see link
  • Lease and Rent charges: see link
  • Consultants and Collaborators: see link
  • Unordinary interventions and Emergency: see link
  • AVCP obligations on Awarding Procedures: see link

The municipality of Padova decided to use Pentaho as the tool to create the XML files and saving the required data in the data warehouses of the entity, to take advantage of the AVCP's request to transmit the data related to public contracts of the suppliers.

By Adopting Pentaho and implementation of the analytic tools, the municipality overcame the limits of their static way of data representation and started providing a dynamic data set, while adhering to the legal obligations for accessibility and ease of use of the data. In addition the process of data publication, which was managed with manual intervention, is now automated, resulting in significant cost reduction for the organization. The benefits for the public as well should not be neglected, where they have immediate access to decisions and policies communicated by the administration. 

Going beyond the legal obligations, through the creation of the Data Warehouses (Transparency and Tenders), the municipality has a full Business Intelligence tool in place to support their strategic decisions and organizational policies, since a portion of the data is internal and therefore can help them with analysis such as forecasting, budgeting, and so on. 


donna anonima.jpg

"Extra has proven to be the right partner for development of a Business Intelligence system, based on Pentaho.
The competence, professionalism and cooperation demonstrated by all the staff made it possible to fully achieve organizational objectives by  quality and on time delivery of the project as planned."

Graziosa Beraldo
Information Services
Municipality of Padova