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Get to know Extra Vision

Extra Vision: born to be unique

Extra Vision was born from the Extra Group’s Business Unit dedicated to ERP systems and has strongly characterized itself both nationally and internationally as a supplier of efficient and innovative ERP solutions. Before becoming an independent company in 2017, Extra Vision became Solution Provider of Oracle NetSuite in 2015 and, in order to obtain a deeper knowledge of the product, has adopted NetSuite for its business management. Given this strong mastery of the product, Extra Vision has then specialized itself in providing NetSuite to the italian market developing also the italian localization of the product, NexIL (NetSuite Extended Italian Localization). NexIL represents a fundamental development for the sector since it allows to conciliate the pluses offered by the powerful American software with the accounting logics of our country.


Oracle’s acquisition of NetSuite has then facilitated the meeting of the two companies, from which the common will of promoting NetSuite and Cloud ERPs on the Italian market emerged. The goal for both companies has always been the support to the technological development of Italian companies and project them into the future of innovation. All the modules and functionalities offered by NetSuite help companies in automating the repetitive activities, allowing users to focus on revenue creation and business growth.

We help our clients get the most out of their business

With NetSuite’s support, we help our clients optimize their business processes: we make sure that the software improves their activities and, at the same time, we personalize it in order to maintain the unique processes that every company has. We automate the processes belonging to the activities of project management, invoicing and reporting in order to allow users to focus on revenue creation and business growth.