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The leading open source retail management solution


Openbravo Commerce Suite for agile retailers

Openbravo, the perfect Open Source retail ERP
Retail sector relies on speed. With the boom of online stores and their integration with physical ones, customers expect to receive products and services in the fastest way possible. Openbravo Commerce Suite ensures speed in implementation, customization and training.

Openbravo retail ERP shows tremendous value when used as a means of growth for multinational retailers, where expanding to a new market or a territory with legacy retail software could cost a lot of time and money, Openbravo’s speed and lower costs compared to legacy systems would immensely benefit the go to market activities.

The aces in the hole

Openbravo Commerce suite comes equipped with three main tools:

  • Web based Point of sales software to manage the sales in physical stores

  • Inventory Management both in store and the integrated inventory

  • ERP functionalities to manage the accounting and financial information


Supply chain management

Operate your supply chain with a seamless flow. From procurement to inventory to warehouse management processes in different locations, Openbravo can help you manage with ease.




Multi-channel Management

Provide a coherent and unified shopping experience for customer across your retail channels including online and physical stores as well as other channels such as call centers. Openbravo is designed for omnichannel retail.



Reporting and Analytics

Openbravo has powerful analytics and reporting providing full business performance visibility that give valuable insights and allow you to make more informed decisions based on real-time data.



Mobile, Web and Cloud

Cloud is the way forward. By adopting a fully web-based, cloud and mobile-ready solution you provide your business with higher business agility and makes your system more accessible.


Online retail

Openbravo gives you a state-of-the-art mobile and web point of sale. You will be backed by strong transactional support from any terminal and provides a more enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience in your physical stores.


Open technologies

It's easy to integrate Openbravo core retail functionalities with many of today's leading complementary solutions. This Open Source ERP, being based on Open Source technology, this allows you more freedom to customize the platform to your needs.

Openbravo: Technical Description

Openbravo for omnichannel retail

Openbravo is a open source platform which is nature makes is cost effective, easy to customize and to modify. The platform is modular which means you can add, remove or modify modules to fit the platform perfectly to your business.

Openbravo is web-based which means to access it you need a device connected to internet with a browser. This means you can access it via any operating system. It is also developed using MVC (Model, View, Control, which separates Database, user interface and business logic) and with MDD approach (Model Driven Development, which allows to business experts with little development experience to easily configure the application)

Some highlights include:

  • It uses modern and robust Open Source Tools (Java and Javascript, SQL and PL / SQL, XML, XHTML, Apache HTTP Server and Tomcat)

  • Support for a wide range of POS hardware

  • Multi Database (PostgreSQL™ / Oracle®) and Multi Language support

  • Integration with electronic payment systems and Easily integrated with web services (ecommerce, CRM and other applications)

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Retail resource planning with Openbravo

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