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NetSuite, the Cloud ERP system for small and medium sized enterprises


NetSuite is the most used ERP Cloud, chosen by more than 40.000 companies worldwide. It is developed to support companies in continuous evolution operating both locally and internationally. NetSuite represents the only ERP completely integrated that contains various modules on a single interface for all the business departments: Accounting, Project Management, Production, ERP, CRM, eCommerce, and much more.

Accelerate your performances and start growing

NetSuite was developed to support the creation of scalable businesses; the software is characterized by its ability to adapt to the evolution process of businesses. This allows companies to focus on its core activities and be able to tempestively react to the new opportunities offered by the market. In other words, NetSuite provides its users with the tool to accelerate the business growth and supports the technological innovation processes that are at the core of the business growth.

A solution for every business

NetSuite for Manufacturing

NetSuite is suited for small and medium sized businesses, but is also able to support big companies that operate internationally or those that are growing fast. In fact, it was natively developed to support a scalability that is constantly aligned with the core business.

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NetSuite for Retail Management

Nowadays customers want to be able to purchase products and services anywhere, anytime and from any device. This is the kind of Omnichannel experience that NetSuite allows you to create, with tools for eCommerce, CRM, POS, order and inventory management.

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NetSuite for Professional Services

The solutions offered by NetSuite are developed to satisfy the needs of different roles involved in the company’s success (CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, etc.). Everyone will  be able to overcome all the challenges thanks to a solution that offers scalability, cost reduction and activity simplification.

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Platform Overview

Why is Extra Vision your best way to NetSuite implementation?


Why should you choose Extra Vision and NetSuite ERP for managing your company?

  • NetSuite does not have a direct presence in our country, but its implementation is guaranteed only by official Solution Provider: Extra Vision is among, besides offering the implementation and the customization of the solution, we also offer continuous assistance to our clients.
  • We developed Nexil, the italian localization for NetSuite: a fundamental step to make sure that companies could use also in Italy a software like NetSuite, originally developed following the american accounting logic. Thanks to Nexil it is possible to have access to all the modules that are part of the Suite and, at the same time, to include all the functionalities needed for the italian accounting system.
  • We are certified with NetSuite SuiteSuccess, the methodology that accelerates the process of software implementation allowing to regain operativity in just 100 days.
  • We are a part a bigger ecosystem: Extra Group, a system integrator with over a decade of experience helping customers Integrate HubSpot in your IT architecture and extend its functionalities with various other software such as ERPs, CRMs, IOT, Cloud, Customer Service Portals and more.

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