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Nexil, NetSuite’s SuiteApp for Italian accounting

Extra Vision Nexil

Italy is one of the countries with the most complex fiscal system: for this reason, we decided to develop Nexil (Netsuite Extended Italian Localization), the italian localization of the NetSuite platform. This way, we are able to help Italian companies and companies that work in Italy in being constantly compliant with the Italian fiscal law.

A certified “Built for NetSuite” bundle, easy to set up and use

The bundle was developed according to the standards required by NetSuite using the software’s API and extending the functionalities with Java, in order to provide the final user with a product that is easy to set up and use.

Thanks to Nexil it is possible to work with the accounting system required by the italian laws together with the Anglo-Saxon accounting system. This is possible also for companies operating in different countries that have to present their undertaking's assets, liabilities and also financial position. Moreover, it is possible to simplify the management of the managing accounts that are used in transactions, even if these accounts will not be highlighted in the tax documents (such as warehouse movements, economic transactions, etc.).

A SuiteApp that adapts to your needs

All-in-one SuiteApp

Nexil is a solution integrated in NetSuite, created to satisfy all the different needs of the italian accounting system: from accounting documents to electronic payments, but also active and passive cycles.

Always up-to-date

The bundle is periodically updated in compliance with the italian law. It is in continuous evolution in order to offer the best functionalities (2 new releases are realized each year).

Maximum configurability

Nexil guarantees the best configurability: the final user will be able to set up every aspect of the localization in a clear and easy way.

Platform overview

Why choose Extra Vision and Nexil for Italian accounting?


Why should you choose Extra Vision and Nexil for your Italian accounting needs?

  • We developed Nexil, the italian localization for NetSuite: a fundamental step to make sure that companies could use also in Italy a software like NetSuite, originally developed following the american accounting logic. Thanks to Nexil it is possible to have access to all the modules that are part of the Suite and, at the same time, to include all the functionalities needed for the italian accounting system
  • We are certified with NetSuite SuiteSuccess, the methodology that accelerates the process of software implementation allowing to regain operativity in just 100 days
  • We are a part a bigger ecosystem: Extra Group, system integrator with over a decade of experience helping customers Integrate HubSpot in your IT architecture and extend its functionalities with various other software such as ERPs, CRMs, IOT, Cloud, Customer Service Portals and more

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