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ERP implementation for all your business needs

Our management software implementation is structured in 3 phases: analysis, configuration and optimization. We aim at providing the best service possible, so the first step is always an analysis of the status quo, in order to deeply understand the business processes of the client and define the specific needs. In the second phase, we try to outline those processes so that the technology we provide can offer all of its advantages. Finally, in the third phase we implement the ERP solution Oracle-NetSuite ERP with the goal of improving the users’ capability of managing their company and grow.

We implement the ERP system for you and offer you support and training


Our technological solutions: NetSuite and NexiL

NetSuite is suited for start-ups and essential for enterprises. It represents the best Cloud-based ERP solutions for those companies that have the goal of scaling its business, grow and become competitive at a global scale.

It offers all the modules needed to cover every business process: ERP, CRM, SRP, Manufacturing and much more. Extra Vision is also co-developer of NexiL, the Italian localization for NetSuite, that allows to manage the italian complex fiscal and accounting system.


From analysis to IT integration

After an initial analysis phase, we write down a document with the complete map of the business processes, so that the client is provided with a guide for the software implementation that will happen in the future.

We offer a support package that includes an unlimited number of tickets. Our technical team is capable of adding every module that is not included in the platform, but that might be fundamental for the client’s management of the activities.

Morevoer, Extra Vision is part of Extra Group, a System Integrator. This means having at disposal the needed competences to integrate NetSuite with every existing IT architecture, without having to look for and analyze additional suppliers.


NetSuite customization

The Extra Vision team has also developed its own competences to satisfy every need manifested by its clients, making the team capable of fully personalizing NetSuite according to specific needs. This is possible by:

  • Adding additional modules within those proposed by NetSuite (such as CRM, SRP, Business Intelligence, OnWorld), allowing the client to have at disposal as many tools as possible for its business
  • Personalizing those modules and improve the functionalities of the platform

The new SuiteSuccess methodology

Extra Vision is a certified company for the implementation process called SuiteSuccess, an innovative methodology that allows to drastically reduce the activation time required for the ERP software, making thejust 100 days long.

It’s a process realized specifically for the companies that do not have time to invest in activation and installation processes.

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