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Satisfy this checklist before selecting your ERP provider

Michele Rotini,

ERP partners must demonstrate their understanding of your processes and both parties should find a good "fit" with each other. Flexibility must not only be found from the management but most especially from the partners.Choosing and adopting a new management system or enterprise resource planning solution (ERP) is always a very delicate phase for any organization. It is the kind of change that will affect many aspects of your business and it isn't easy to change again after you've realized that you've made a mistake.

Seeing that a new ERP result in various consequences for the business, we need to make sure we also select the right partner, and not simply a supplier, with the best chances of implementing our ERP of choice.On average, changes like these occurevery 5-7 years and inevitably, it has a huge impact on business processes. An important part of the overhaul will be the "software selection" phase. This is aimed primarily at the comparison of the various applications or platforms. However, we find often that there is less emphasis on "partner selection".

But what are the main aspects that should be taken into consideration?

Its not just expertise in a particular ERP. In truth, finding the right partner to implement your ERP more than having skilled people and brand references. Take a look at this checklist before selecting your ERP provider:

Knowledge of the market

Your ERP partners should be knowledgeable enough especially in the administrative and accounting intricacies of the market that your company operates in and know how your chosen solution will perform under those conditions. Make sure that a localizer for your ERP exists and how well your partner can implement it.

Change management guidance

Changing an ERP will institute changes on the ground level. Therefore, partners must be able to adequately guide the company, its key users and more generally all users towards the adoption of the new system and their procedures.

Ability to integrate currently-used solutions and future integrations

More often than not, a new ERP will almost always be implemented within an ecosystem of multiple business applications. So, even beyond the currently proposed business solution (which could already be an integrated ERP solution by default), your chosen partner must be able to provide expertise in the field of integration and application interoperability. Moreover, they should have experience dealing with the latest market-leading solutions. For example, you don't want someone who just deals with on-premise solutions, but also Cloud.

Ability to adapt quickly to customer needs

every business is unique, and this can be reflected in each of their processes. The partners must demonstrate their understanding of your processes and both parties should find a good "fit" with each other. Flexibility must not only be found from the management but most especially from the partners.

Independence after going live

The partner must be able to provide a solution that is not constantly dependent on the solution provider. Adequate support for the client to be independent enough and the partners should successfully handover important knowledge through training, manuals, other documentations, etc. that will allow the customer to make use of the platform. Or, if you are deciding to switch to a new partner, you should look for someone who will enable your company to be more autonomous. 


Why Pick Extra?

Taking into consideration the points above, we can say that Extra is a good fit for implementing ERP. Extra is a systems integrator operating in the market for over 10 years and offers its customers the necessary technical skills coupled with our experience working for various platforms and industries (CRM, manufacturing, services, ecommerce, retail, accounting and administration, etc ...).

Extra also has a business unit fully dedicated to system integration and is therefore able to also follow the most ambitious projects that should provide application integration with existing customer management. But don't just listen to us...

See our capabilities in action through a free demo of NetSuite by clicking the button below: 

Free Demo of NetSuite

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