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Peace of Mind: Pick Partners, Not Suppliers, To Implement ERP

Michele Rotini,

Finding a trusted partner to implement your ERP is just as crucial as selecting the right ERP solution itself

Ok, so you’ve made the decision - you've outgrown your current software and you need to make a change.

Has this ever happened to you?  And if so how many times? NetSuite ERP - you know what it is, and you think this would solve the issue of time and still save you money. But which one is right?

Now, which solution to choose? 

So you're done...you've narrowed down your search and have gone through the process from: (1) I have a problem, (2) I've identified my problem, (3) I have found a couple of solutions, and now, (4) I have to make a decision.

But did you ask yourself if you actually asked all the questions that you think you need to ask? Remember: you want to improve the current system while also having the ability to save the company money and make yourself more efficient.

In the end its not just about "what" the solution is but "who" will help you set it up.

How to successfully implement it?

So who really is the best choice, is there a difference, and how can you figure out the better option....Well if you've asked yourself those questions, what does it come down to?  

  • Speed

  • Agility

  • Better problem recognition skills

  • Reliability

  • Or are we just talking about  a serviceable issue…

What people in your position will find is that you are really looking for a partner, to help you get through the process and a company you can depend on being there for you for the long term.  

Differentiate Between "Suppliers" vs. "Partners"

Software used to be provided by ERP suppliers. They implement the solution and that's it. But software is no longer a "set it and forget it" product that you need to run your specific tasks.  It's a continual process, that involves updates, trending issues, integrative needs, customer contacts and it is getting more complicated while you need it to be less complex.  

Right now, to implement ERP, you don't need a supplier. You need an ERP partner! Having the right partner will allow you to get back to what it is that you do best; your business, defining and redefining your business in an effort to help you grow quicker and more efficiently.  

Do you ask yourself, "Am I going to be able to depend on this new business partner to follow through with what they are saying they are going to do and can I trust them?  I am investing the money...can I be sure that they have the same intentions as I do in moving my company forward?" Because that is what is happening at this very moment when you are making the decision. 

Extra Is A Partner

To the questions above, here at Extra, I can say we are!  We are fully invested in your business growing to the next level and we can help you get there.  In fact it is our mission:  to help our partners level up and be the best they can be in the marketplace in which they choose to compete.  What's great about this concept is that Extra is aware that your growth can drag the growth of Extra in a win-win relationship.  

So why implement NetSuite?...You've already made that decision...NetSuite is more agile, and better suited to your business model for multiple reasons.  Now the bigger question - why Extra? Because we understand your struggles as a growing business because we too have been there. We are not simply a NetSuite supplier, but a NetSuite partner!

Growth is hard and we know, but because we too have been there, and we understand your struggle, we can help, as we are the NetSuite expert that you expect us to be and we can get you to that next level. So what are you waiting for?  We are here to serve you, so let's get going and request your free Netsuite demo already!

Free Demo of NetSuite

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