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Hidden gold mine: Integrated project management with ERP and CRM

Michele Rotini,

Integrated Project Management

Heard of Sherlock Holmes? No, not the early 20th century tweed-wearing, pipe-smoking detective. I'm talking about the super geeky and modern version played by BBC's Benedict Cumberbatch. He's a brilliant and seemingly superhuman investigator with a powerful mind that's almost like a built-in computer.

A good project manager has to act a bit like odd "consulting detective". In fact, they must learn to evaluate each situation by bringing together all available clues and all the elements that appear on the scene.

In other words, a successful project manager keeps in mind all phases of an asset at all times. They should achieve this not only during a project, but also before and after it's carried out. Also, just like a good detective who uses tools such as notebooks and magnifiers for his work, he'll also use a number of project management tools at his disposal.

Know clients before they are brought on board

Imagine a project management platform that can also centralize information coming from your organization's "commercial" side: all updates on the prospects and leads, all stages of negotiation exchanged between themselves and the clients, all the communications that took place and all the details of any offers or initiatives implemented to persuade them to become customers.

Basically derived from your firm's CRM systems, a registry of this type allows the project manager to see the entire pre-sales phase and further defines the level of customization of the various activities. This is particularly useful when you have a process model to be followed. You can decline and optimize according to the previous situation of each lead being converted.

Just like a good detective, you'll need to know every detail of the lives of the people that are involved.

Manage every phase of the project

To solve a case, or better yet, to organize a project properly, there are several operations that need to be optimized. We already discussed some tips that will allow you to prepare an project quotation for the customer in just 15 minutes. Now, let's talk about the organizing projects.

Project Manager Holmes | Project Management

It's good to organize different project tasks in a schematic way. This will allow you to represent various operations and help verify if your various objectives were achieved based on time requirements and organizational criteria.

After: Project Invoicing

Just as in any investigation, each element must be consistently and logically connected to another. In the same way, a project doesn't make sense when it exists by itself. It must be coordinated with all the other needs of the company. For example, you working on projects in order to bring profits. These profits are made when you send send invoices to customers, and these are paid.

VAT Register Netsuite

If you think about it, project management is linked to these administrative practices much more than it might seem. Monitoring the progress of various tasks allows you to move forward to the next step and then to issue an invoice following the achievement of a certain goal. The same can happen when you are in front of payment systems at set time periods or even criteria. Even if the project manager doesn't intervene directly, it's important that these steps are fully automated.

Integrated Project Management is your Secret Weapon

Why perform all of these functions using different systems when you can find them all in a single solution?

According to a study by SL Associates for NetSuite in 2015, having a management solution that integrates CRM, ERP, project management and administrative reporting, leads to a 40% to 60% reduction of administration and accounting costs and 15% to 25% increase in billing efficiency. Not to mention all the other benefits that this integration brings on other crucial points of your business, such as information management or customer support.

Managing projects can be carried out by small companies or with standard processes through simple spreadsheets. However, when activities become more complex and have less repetitive steps, a platform bringing together different functionalities is required. This will make it possible to optimize various processes and save time and money compared to using and maintaining many different applications. Therefore, if you want to do project management in the most efficient way possible, you'll need to work on integrated systems such as NetSuite.

Will a Sherlock-like project manager want to learn more and investigate further? Elementary, my dear Watson. Click the button below and discover the best 7 project management tools with our free guide

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