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Three Steps To Successful ERP Change Management

Rick Carlton,

It is generally accepted that enterprise involvement with ERP technology is a risky proposition. However, while selecting and purchasing the right system offers one level of concern, even greater risks apply when it comes to ERP and enterprise change management.

This assertion can be largely proven by the number of annual ERP failures, since more times than not these complex projects fail, not necessarily due to technical weakness, but because of poor decision-making, or human error at an operational level. As the saying goes; ‘a system is only as good as its people’, and regardless of today’s media hyperbole suggesting that business operations are evolving towards a fully-autonomous systemic future; don’t believe it. There will always be a human in the loop somewhere, whether it’s making a final administrative decision, pushing a series of buttons, or doing ERP-driven cost-accounting related to a mix of finished goods.


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