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What makes a good Warehouse Management System?

Gaia Tedeschi,

We all know that Warehouse Management System or WMS is an integral part of the supply chain management system. The role of WMS within a company is to manage the movements and control the availability of the goods stored within it which makes it indispensable. But what makes a good WMS and what solution would be the best for you?


What you need to know about Supply Chain Optimization

Gaia Tedeschi,

Supply chain management is a topic that covers every move of goods from supplier to customer.  It can involve acquisition  of raw materials, transforming them into finished products, but also a simple case of reselling or rebranding of goods.

In  order to manage even a relatively easy supply chain, departments such as logistics, purchasing, finance, and possibly production, marketing and research and development  are involved.

As the companies and customer expectations grow, the supply chain needs to be managed with more efficiency, velocity and care for detail. This implies that the first thoughts of  the supply chain manager are:


ERP and manufacturing module: managing WIP

Gaia Tedeschi,

So what is WIP? I'd like to explain WIP or work in progress to distinguish it from ''semi-finished goods ''. Very frequently, the two terms are used interchangeably but it is a little more complicated than this.


Top challenges in implementing ERP for fashion retailers

Michele Rotini,

Implementing enterprise resource planning  solutions (ERP) is no more easier to implement in the fashion industry than others. Unique industry needs and being in a fast-moving sector means the adoption of IT solutions are fraught with problems and could result in more problems than you originally started with if these challenges are not identified and addressed.


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