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Best ERP solutions that are seriously crushing it

Michele Rotini,

The best ERP solutions - NetSuite, Openbravo and JDEdwardsTrying to name the best ERP solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning) or the most innovative (which often come up without attracting attention) and how they bring in the current trends of the market, would bring a long list of ERP developers that  that are  continuously working to increase their quality.

Such ERP tools are being used by many companies operating in today's fast-paced competitive market to be able to adapt to changes, both internally and in their environment.

With all this in mind, we have decided to narrow it down to you. Here are our personal choices ranked based on our long experience as a system integrator. The awards go to: NetSuite, JDEdwards, Openbravo.

An analysis of the distinctive aspects of these systems and their advantages over the others can hardly be exhausted in a brief blog article. So, to simplify things and have enough time browse your Facebook before finally getting to work, we list the most important requirements that these ERP meet and which we believe are the basis for deciding whether to pick and implement a certain ERP .

All in the Cloud

Cloud Computing significantly eliminates the cost of ownership and others derived from the management of hardware infrastructure. Therefore, a user-friendly ERP on a Cloud platform with an On-Demand  and Saas (software as a service) characteristic that is adapted to the needs of the final users is a winning choice when taking into consideration the cost, technology and innovation.

Smartphone and tablet

Whatever platform you choose, they have to be accessible everywhere. Smartphones are devices that are used everywhere whether in Italy, the rest of Europe, Middle East or Asia and the rest of the world. So, through a dedicated app, it should be possible to allow the use of ERP in any part of the world to authorized users.

ERP solutions to be considered should be accessible everywhere and at any time

ERP 360°

A truly powerful, modular and complete ERP system should have a 360° solution in response to the needs of diverse clients. In this way, it will not be necessary to enlist another 3rd party software or spend further for integration. A proper platform at its basic version, should be able to offer companies all the functions they need. 


Intuitive, engaging and flexible user interfaces is a key feature that should allow for easily usable applications that give immediate answers that users need. Furthermore, your choice of ERP should have the ability to be configured independently and simply by activating new functionalities through modules taken from a marketplace of extensions guaranteed by the manufacturer and the vendor.

Take a step further are learn more about NetSuite, a World's #1 Cloud-based Business Management Suite with strong ERP, E-commerce and CRM capabilities that work under a unique database. Get your access to the technical specifications of NetSuite now!

NetSuite Cloud ERP brochure

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